Installing tikiwiki under Ubuntu 7.10

I naively tried to install tikiwiki (1.9.7+dfsg-2ubuntu1.1) on an Ubuntu box with synaptic. After install, tikiwiki wasn't working. I got only blank pages on tikiwiki. After searching the web and tracing the code (you know, those echo "here I am" in the PHP code), it appears there are small discrepancies between the path installed by the tikiwiki package and the actual position of the files. Here's what I found: * in file setup_smarty.php at line 32, the original code reads as:

Automatically forward X connections (Ubuntu)

I have the habit of having one user per function (for example customer care is a user, dev is a user and so on). So I'm continuously jumping from one Unix user to another. The desktop, however, is one and only one, so I need to forward X authentication from user to user (I'll explain in a minute). In the Redhat days, that wasn't such a problem, because the system was doing it for me. However, in switching to Ubuntu, I was surprised this feature didn't hold. I give you an example to be more concrete. Let's say I've logged into the desktop as user tof. I can do this:

IE with Linux

The fastest way to run ie inside Linux: ies4linux ([ google] for it)

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