IPv6 statistics on tronche.com

IPv6 report at tronche.com for April 2011 is out.

A little of a surprise, at least for me, is that, although China consistently shows up in the various top 10 of the report, and APNIC has been out of IPv4 addresses this month, RIPE seems actually to be leading adoption, be it by hit number, number of distinct addresses or number of distinct networks seen. This is quite clear on this graphics.

IPv6 statistics at tronche.com and related sites

What are these statistics and how are they collected ?

The goal is to measure IPv6 penetration, from the point of view of a web server. The servers are dual-stack, both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are published in the DNS. It is expected that the client (OS + browser) favors IPv6 over IPv4 in these conditions.

IPv6 at tronche.com report

I run a few humble web sites, so why not to use them to get a crude idea of IPv6 penetration on the ISPs side ? And here are the results. == How it was done == These are the data aggregated from http://tronche.com/, http://v3.tronche.com/, http://swpat.tronche.com/ and its mobile counterpart http://swpat-m.tronche.com/.
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